Hospitality Direct was established in year 1999 headquartered in Singapore with the regional office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Our main focus to become the world’s leading hospitality partner.  Over the years, we have partnered with some of the world’s best hotels and increasing their business by creating databases of local and global customers.

We specialized in developing, implementing and managing bank redemptions, corporate redemptions, events, meetings and dinners. We provide tailored loyalty marketing solutions to enhance customer loyalty and increase patronage towards our partners’ rooms division, F&B outlets, meetings and banquets. The company  comprises of a team of highly professionals who are dynamic, result oriented and commitment to excellence.


We are committed to develop a unique positioning on behalf of our clients to stay ahead of the competition and to create, retain & grow the profitable customer relationship with our expertise, experience and professional loyalty marketing and performance solutions in the hospitality industry.the profitability and overall business growth for our clients.


We continuously strive to establish as the most professional and innovative loyalty marketing company for the design, implementation and management of the program.

We boasts the largest variety of brands and independent properties around the world and  conduct feasibility studies on behalf of them in identifying present and future market trends. We will then design a custom-made Loyalty Marketing Program according to the needs and objectives of the organization. The program will be implemented through our skillful sales consultants and intensive telemarketing resources which are highly effective and produce instantaneous results with minimal capital investment. We place top priority in customer service, as we believe that good service begets more VIP guests! 

We have proven methods, processes and resources that will induce sales, marketing and profit objectives.  We do not believe in just bringing in the number of desired VIP guests, we work to achieve quality VIP guests – VIP guests who would make a difference to our clients year-end.

In a highly competitive environment, limited resources on manpower and the ongoing pressure from owning companies to reduce expenses and maximize revenue have combined to ensure the need to outsource.

We understand the importance of challenges faced by all hotels; hence we provide flexibility coupled with innovative tailored loyalty marketing program to focus strategies on whichever key operational department that requires increased performance and revenue. 

We invest in human resources and new technology to create hassle free solutions for our clients. We lead, develop and manage, and we deliver it the right way.

We always fine-tune our programs from times to times to meet the current market needs and to increase our clients’ revenue. Our expertise has   provides our clients with:

  1. Increased customer loyalty
  2. Increased frequency or visits and patronage
  3. Incremental revenue and profit in:

o Rooms

o Food & Beverage

o Meetings & Banquets

o Other lifestyle establishments