Have a holiday on us!

Hospitality World is an exclusive loyalty program that offers great rewards to our premium members. Members are rewarded with free night stays in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. Apart from that, Hospitality World offers great holiday packages, discounts and more.

There are numerous benefits the VIP guests will get to enjoy while becoming a VIP guest. The Hospitality World is designed to make our VIP guests’ holiday hassle-free and relax.

We’ll do our best to serve your needs with our exclusive personalized services. You only need to trouble yourself by contacting us in regards to your booking, be it for your vacation packages, hotel and room accommodations.

Along the way, you will enjoy a great discount for hotel booking.  Up to 60% from the rack rates across 31000 hotels worldwide.

In short, This is no ordinary loyalty program.  It’s Hospitality World.