Hospitality Direct Soft-Launched Food with Love Campaign At Rumah Titian Kaseh

HD Exco members preparing the lunch
Ricky Poon having fun with the children
Ricky Poon with Mak Linda, Caretaker of RTK
Fikri with the resident
HD Exco Members with the RTK caretakers
Anita, VP of Operations served the lunch to the residents.
The children holding a thank you note to the donors
One of the youngest children in RTK
Group photo - RTK Residents with HD Exco Members
Ricky Poon with the resident
Children having their lunch
Chilldren having their Mandy Chicken for lunch

For Immediate Release

KUALA LUMPUR – Hospitality Direct (HD) Executive Committee Members (Exco Members) visited to a local shelter home on 14 November 2019 as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) project, Food with Love Campaign which started 15th October 2019.

This valuable CSR event held at Rumah Titian Kaseh (RTK), near Titiwangsa, met the children and served delicious lunches from the company’s food outlet Arabian by Ricky Poon (ARP).  During the visit, Ricky Poon, Regional Director of Hospitality Direct delivered Mandy Chicken Rice for 120 residents and spent two hours having fun with the children.

“It was a wonderful experience to meet the children and the caretakers from Rumah Titian Kaseh.  We are delighted to bring the small joy to those underprivileged children” said Poon.

Hospitality Direct soft-launched “Food with Love” campaign on the 15th October 2019.  The objective of this campaign is to gather love donations from the general public.  These charitable giving will be used to purchase food to various charity homes within Klang Valley and Selangor.

“Initiatives like this help to remind us about the things in life that truly matter, and we are fully committed in supporting local communities in every aspect of life” Poon added.

Meanwhile, the caretaker of Rumah Titian Kaseh, Hajah Sharifah Adlan was overwhelmed to receive the food with love donation.

“This campaign can help us to lower down our expenses as well as it brings joy to the children”

“While the food price increased each day, the food givings is really meant a lot to us.  We can now channel our limited funds to others daily expenses such as laundry, transportation, tuition fees, welfare and etc for our children” said Sharifah.

Rumah Titian Kaseh which is located at Persiaran Titiwangsa is a non-government organization (NGO) which provide shelter to orphans, abandon children, handicapped, old folks and abuse women.  To date, RTK homed up to 120 residents under the care of Puan Sharifah and caretaking team.

To donate for Food with Love campaign, members of the public may contact our campaign manager, Ezlie Yahya at 03-2711 3111 ext 21 or visit

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